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May Your Banjo Be With You!



Chad Fontaine (1986-2016) was songwriter with a rich, deep, masculine voice. His style that was natural, never forced. It sounded so normal, while it was unique. His lyrics talked about small life-events, but contained windows through which you could see complex emotional landscapes and social context. Chad never faked in his art. Every word and every sound he made had its coverage in his own pain and fun of living.


He never wanted to be this or that, only to be Chad. And he was great at being Chad. At the moment, his music belongs to folk punk genre, but it spills out of that container. There is something classic in it. It belongs to lasting tradition of North-American travelling troubadours who never had a mortgage, but they own a piece of heaven.

Thank you for everything, Chad! I hope there is a train where you are now and that you are on it with your dog Budrick and some other pals. You are picking your banjo, not knowing if you should laugh or cry while looking at our sorrow.


Condolences to your family and friends.

Condolences to your fans from United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Russia, Denmark, France, Belgium, Poland, New Zealand, Brazil, Norway, Israel, Croatia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy, Romania, Greece, Venezuela, Ireland, Aland Islands, Chile, Hungary, Serbia, Philippines, South Africa, Slovakia, Paraguay, Colombia, Latvia, Turkey, Argentina, Singapore, Ukraine, Morocco, Japan, South Korea, Micronesia, Belarus, Peru, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Nepal, Indonesia, Moldova, Kazakhstan…





Written and Performed by Chad Fontaine
Produced, mixed, and published by Zoran Maslic
Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica - Chad Fontaine
Violin - Lisa Bates
Additional Vocals - Laura Griffin

Label: Exile Kings Productions
Genre: Folk-punk
Length: 34:15

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