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I am not doing photography,

I am creating a friendship!

In the months before his departure, while browsing streets of Toronto, Berge meets a misfit Sebastian who at the moment lives in the tent under the bridge.

A friendship develops and the photographer enters the world of semi-homeless punk-rock youth who often call themselves "dirty kids". Sebastian is deeply in love with Emily and that becomes Berge's obsession and the reason for his artistic and spiritual quest.


Featuring: Berge Arabian, Sebastian Belec, Emily Broughton


Documentary, 91 minutes

Picture of Berge Arabian used in the film poster and thumbnail is a cut-out from the photograph by Miran Manukyan.

Best Documentary Feature Film
at Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, 2016 (Winter)

"Nobody Knows My Songs" has had some other nice festival moments. It was one of two finalists in Calcutta, it was in official selection in Lisbon and Auroville (a wonderful utopian town in India). It was selected to be a part of the Peloponnisos Documentary Festival presentation in Athens as one of twelve films most liked by the audience.

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