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Tomorrow, we will wake up happy!

Poet Goran Simic left his war-torn homeland to live in Canada. He already gained international recognition and he is accepted in his new country but something is wrong. Life feels as if it is happening to someone else. And the past echoes so loudly that it covers all other sounds.
When You Die as a Cat talks about the immigrant experience that is soaked in war trauma. Themes bleed into each other. Nothing is clear in this lament over history and homeland.

Featuring: Goran Simic, Fraser Sutherland, Sasha Bukvic, Berge Arabian

Directed by Zoran Maslic

SD, 87 minutes

THE BEST SOCIAL DOCUMENTARY at 2010 Bogota Film Festival

SPECIAL PRIZE FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM at 2010 Festival du Film de Strasbourg (on-line)

HONOURABLE MENTION at 2009 Festival Temps d'Images, Lisbon

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