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Special thanks to the first viewer of Annoying film! It was Oscar Ekberg from Sweden. We talked on Facebook and I got to know him a bit and realized how lucky I was to get a viewer like him. Oscar is a really good poet.
A very warm and special thanks for very early support and help to Stefan Salzer from Vienna, Austria. The strongest support in Europe to Annoying music and Annoying film comes from Germany and Austria and in both countries, it started with Stefan! Here are some comments from people that watched the film.

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David Graham Scott, film-maker,  Scotland  November 21, 2016


"A great piece of social history captured within this film. Gritty but with a real heart to it. Top marks, my friend.DGS x"

Natalia Erzsebet Bathory Kobrapuke, USA  June 21, 2021


"This is by far the best thing ive ever witnessed with my own eyes. Im from the gutters and i know the life like the back of my hand. This was a beautiful and true vision of the lives of some gutterpunks on the road. It captures the true grit, sadness, and beauty of that life perfectly. You absolutely must watch it. If not, yer a gotdam fool. Cheers"​

QelParaZite (Commenting on song Wishing Well)    May 4, 2022


"This from the movie! Masterpiece btw... both the song and the film."

Dominic Bartlett (Commenting on music video Old Fashioned Morphine)   August 27, 2022


"I've watched your documentary and loved it and watched all your videos on YouTube and loved them all and added as many of the songs to my Amazon music and sound cloud."

Adriano Giotti,Italy  August 6, 2019


"Very sincere, very deep. It's a piece of life. And their music is great. Thanx for share this reality to the world."

Chris McCormick,  Canada    December 16, 2018


"Wow , great film"

Ruari Mathewson, unknown country     (July 2015)

I've been following this band for a while now, and watched the film on Vimeo when it came out. It is probably one of, if not my absolute favourite film I've watched. It's unique entirely, characters, structure, everything. People said the exact same thing about the 'glorifying of drug addiction' when the iconic film Trainspotting came out, and I find it ridiculous some people would accuse the auteur of this film of it. Like Trainspotting, this is a work of social realism, something almost tangible, on a very undocumented occurrence happening in our time that no one seems brave enough to actually document on an equal level to its participants. It's not like you sit there an watch a David Attenborough documentary and think, "Hang on, I want to be a lizard now. So I'm going to go live in a hole in the desert and eat my own offspring." It's ridiculous, and this film deserves a great deal more than a statement like that. Zoran's film is honestly one of my all time favourites, and I don't see it being replaced or matched for a great deal of time to come.

Uncle Abe 83, France     (July 22, 2022)

Had been a while, so I tossed this movie on the other day, fuckin cool doc

Wrongway, France     (June 2016)

This is a movie about talent. This is a movie about what music should always be. It's not about fame, wealth, or even the technique and how you get to play or record your songs. It's about heart, it's about guts, it's about realness, it's about persona, it's about charisma. Chad Fontaine RIP. And thank you for this moment.

ANNOYING Rectangle 3.jpg

Julian Vecchiola,  Canada    January 26, 2018

"So happy to own this film. Very well made, great documentary. Thanks Zoran..."

Jerry White,  Unknown Country      December 23, 2017

"This documentary really hit some heart strings."

Catherine Raby,  Canada   September 14, 2017

"I buy the package with physical CD and recieve it after 3 of 4 days! The movie is Awesome, the CD too.. i wish Chad was still here he look like a cool dude. Grant is A really good singer too.. well im happy with my purchase! Thank you Zoran. xx"

Pottsy Poppy,  Unknown Country    August 20, 2017

"So glad I own this/Chad's album. You will be too!"

Jaana Vanhala,  Finland   August 15, 2017

"This documentary really touched me. Loved it, best I've seen."

Jade Vanhala,  Finland  August 15, 2017

"Awesome documentary, maybe best I've ever seen. I was 666!"

Andrew Daily   June 20,  2017

"A Canadian music documentary directed by Zoran Maslic.
Music videos of a gutter punk duo and interviews with one of the members detail the trials and tribulations of life on the streets in Canada.
AMAZING! Thank you, Nate!!! As the plot develops, it reveals deeper depths of addiction, homelessness, childhood abuse and neglect. The characters are as unique as they can be. As I watched it, I wanted more and more to play bass for their band because they are outcasts, misfits and red-headed stepchildren like myself. The video featured mainly interview and musical performance footage. This was inter-cut with appropriate B-roll of the city, mostly at night. There was also some skateboarding involved. The audio featured some of the best music of the genre, but I suspect that the performers know a very limited number of chords and progressions. Overall, exactly the musical hobo documentary that I wanted and it gets as gritty as possible. I rate this best. WATCH IT!!!!"

Frau R,  Germany      May 27,  2017

"Great work!!! Zoran Maslic did a great job by puzzling the szenes into a usefull structure and authentic view on the protagonists and their lifes. Watched it on reelhouse five times by now. Every single penny is a good investition. Bought chads album "duct tape rose" at amazon and still like it too."

Julian Vecchiola,  Unkown Country     May 21,  2017

"Their music and lifestyle hits extremely close to home. Thanks Zoran for the great film and thnx to ANNOYING for writing such powerful music. R.I.P Chad and carry on Grant & Lucie. Cheers, Unkle Abe"

Malvado Folk,  United States    April 11, 2017

"I finally got to see the documentary. Great job man it was a really good watch"

Andre Solle,  Germany    March 4, 2017

"Much love from Germany! See you among the stars Chad. Stay strong Grant and Lucie. Thanks Zoran keep up the great work! We love you all."

Andrew Lynch,  United States    January 13, 2017

"Raw, honest and real. Honest life of an addict documentary."

Dragonbeats,  Germany    January 6, 2017

"just bought the Movie...glad that i discovered u guys....sorry to hear about ur Loss....will promote this Music and the Movie...Keep it up!!!
Greetings from Germany....!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ringo “Ringoringringringo”,  United States  December 3, 2016

"Fucking great work man. I would never care about Annoying without you I can assure you that, but that is a great film. Grittier and deeper than I'd hoped. Anyone who thinks this glorifies drugs is a retard who deserves a kick in the dick."

James Dunn,  United Kingdom    November 21, 2016

"watched the documentary! fully rate it!! check it out if you can."

Utregpunk, Unknown Country  (November 15, 2016)

“FUCKING LOVED IT, only watched it ones but this weekend gonna watch it again with my girl! Is there gonna be a part 2?”

Tracil Kay, Canada  (October 11, 2016)

“Amazing, amazing documentary. Zoran Did a crazy good job on this one.
Also Rest in Peace Chad. Gone but not forgotten.”

Terence Love, Canada   (September 25, 2016)

Great film, Zoran. Really captures the visual & aural ambiance of Chad's world, showing the musical creativity of him & his friends while providing a rich, heartfelt, continuous soundtrack in the process.
Illuminates the humanity & harsh reality of life in the shadows of mainstream culture most people will never get this close to.
Creative, skillful use of camera, sound, editing packed a lot into 90 minutes, I thought.

Ulle Qel, Italy   (September 24, 2016)

Great great great doc. A must watch.

Kieran, United Kingdom   (August 29, 2016)

Amazing film :) r.i.p chad!

Sinistre Ivan, Spain (Catalonia)   (August 13, 2016)

Worth the $4! I watched this twice in a row because I didn't find the subtitles till the end. Pretty awesome. I wish it existed a physical version in DVD... Regards from Catalonia! Thank you!

Note: Reelhouse streaming price of Annoying film is now $5

Jonny, Germany
YouTube (private message)     July 31, 2016

Do you think Grant will release his album some day? Great work with the documentary btw. Maybe you do a continuation? Greetings from Germany!

James Greaves, United Kingdom     (July 30,  2016)

Got round to watching Documentary. Brilliant, loved it. :-) And cd is great! Thanx.

Mitch Carey, Melbourne, Australia     (July 22, 2016)

YES !! I'll never not get excited to see you've posted a new video Zoran. My housemates and I hired out the doco online again for the second time just the other week. I still trip out on the fact that my mums relatives are Cree Indian = ) , made me want to research them. Anyways thanks again for being there all the times with a camera and capturing the moments so that others can enjoy. Legend. R.I.P Chad

Jas Foley, Unknown Country    (July 19,  2016)

Great documentary...

Zoran Maslic
Thank you! I am happy you enjoyed the film! I can tell you that percentage of likes on Reelhouse is 99%.

Jas Foley
I believe it, I'm going to rewatch it again tonight.. 

Zoran Maslic
Cool! That it is what they all do, they watch it 2 or 3 times per rental […]

Jas Foley
it was better the second time...

Manuel Haupt, Austria      (May 2016)

(...) seen the film a couple of times by now, it's really awesome!

Marco Guglielmelli, Italy     (May 2016)

I've seen the documentary: well done, I like it.

Chris, United States     (April 2016)

I've been a fan of yours for a long time. I'm 38, I was a homeless street punk thru my teens and twentys. I was able to get out alive (...)

Mike Devaney, United States     (April 2016)

the movie is sick best thing iv spent money on in a while :P

Dominic Michaud, Canada     March 2016

Thanks a lot for the documentary! :)

Connor Betts, UK       January 2016

I'm speechless, you did a f-ing good job man! More people need to see this film and appreciate it! Thanks so much for your help and most of all for taking the time to make this film and for introducing me to Annoying. "Carry on"

lbb101 (Unknown country)       December 2015

Thanks for the music. And your movie. Cool shit. Hope all the girls and guys are well...

Paige Parent, Canada



Jesus Covarrubias, USA     December 2015

When i first discovered Annoying I instantly fell in love with them and their sound, as a teenager in Miami you can imagine how rare it is to find anyone who listens to any folk but i felt connected to these men in our problems and lives. all i can say is keep up the good work, man.

Cassiopeia Ernst, UK       November 2015

"cute humans((: captured it perfectly. Great film Zoran"


Rok Ban, Slovenia      September 2015

"I loved the film. So real and gritty."

Jocke Ådén, Sweden     April 2015

Wow, video was breathtaking. It’s art. Great work.

Frank, Canada      June 2015

“Good movie and really good music too. Very good work. Cheers!

Matthew  Fournier, Canada     March 2015

"Thanks for this. Good watch. Too bad they aren't making music together anymore

Paige, Canada      May 2015

Absolute perfection! You did a very good job, I love how this was filmed.

Oneida Wolf, Canada     July 2015

Grant Faithful, You are my hero. Coming from the Rez Oneida of the Thames. Safe travels along your journeys brother!"

Mike Devaney, United States       July 2015

I really dug the movie!

Andrew Sparrow, Melbourne, Australia      June 2015

10/10 best film love it!! best film to drink with mates while watching :)

Phil, Canada     June 2015

Brilliantly shot and edited film. Grant Faithful is a compelling lead and his musical promise is on full display. Gritty look at 3 wayward souls that 'are trying to make the best of a shitty situation'.

Fenrir Djákninn, Israel      August 2015

LOVE IT. You did a great job man capturing those moments, really inspiring stuff.

Pjakke Thomas, Canada       September 2015

This is literally one of my favourite things to watch. Thank you, Zoran!

Shannon Edelman, United States      April 2015

Well shot film. Mad talent between these two. Thank you for filming this.

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