A documentary film trilogy "In the City of Exile Kings" presents characters who somehow ended up robbed of their place under the sun.
In "When You Die as a Cat", an immigrant and internationally recognized poet Goran Simic faces the question if the new life is an old death. Photographer Berge Arabian desires to belong and finds some warmth in the company of misfits, homeless and addicted ("Nobody Knows My Songs"). Grant Faithful is an "Indian" and a musician who in spite of all the odds keeps his dream of "Annoying" music going.
In short, each film is an artistic quest on the other side of the shinny Canadian multicultural coin.

On CD "Duct Tape Rose", Chad Fontaine (1986-2016) makes a music diary of a train-hopper and rambler. In sci-fi novel "Northern Guard", Anya is pulled into a dream of freedom which will erase her family.

I might be meandering through various fields but I still do the same thing by examining the other side of the coin. This time it is in the field of linguistics. My two new books are about the language of the ancient Etruscans. They will show you how their words grew out of Sanskrit roots and why we can say that the throne was stolen from the legitimate king of Indo-European languages.

This site is about films, books, and music.

Welcome to the Exile Kings website!

“The day will crawl outside
as if nothing
has happened.”


is like bathing in water from the sky.”


“Did I learn my lesson?
Probably not!”

Grant & Chad

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Have Ithaca always in your mind.

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