What I did and what I do

I started as a film critic, but after several years abandoned that career to direct TV shows and music videos (Yugoslavia, Bosnian Broadcasting Corporation). Also, I wrote screenplays for children's programming and directed rock shows. I simply loved directing for television in Yugoslavia and was proud of my work on two TV series: "Rockovnik" (with producer Jasminka Klacar) and "Zozon Layer" (with producer Dzeni Redzepovic). Soon, the best time of my professional life ended, we had to escape from Sarajevo in 1992. But desire became even bigger... During the Yugoslav war, I started co-directing documentaries with Miodrag Tarana and they received awards.

In 1996, I moved to Canada where I worked as a video editor but later directed and produced "In the City of Exile Kings", a trilogy of feature-length documentaries that focus more on characters than on the so-called relevant themes.                                                                                           

"When You Die as a Cat" (2009) won Golden Pre-Columbian Circle at 2010 Bogota Film Festival as the Best Social Documentary and was the Best Documentary Film at 2010 Festival du Film de Strasbourg (on-line). "Annoying" (2015) was the BEST DOCUMENTARY over 40 minutes at the 2017 Eurasia International Monthly Film festival in Moscow, Russian Federation. The same film got the Audience Choice Award at "Too Drunk To Watch" PunkFilmFest Berlin (2018). It was also a Nominee for the Best Documentary Feature Film at Top Indie Film Awards (USA)."Nobody Knows My Songs" (2016) was the Best Documentary feature film at the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival (2016) and one of two finalists at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (2017).

I enjoy directing music videos and hope that I enriched the genre with some stink of real life. In 2016, "The Life We Had" by singer-songwriter Chad Fontaine won the Audience Choice Award for the Best Music Video at SOO Film Festival (Michigan, United States). Previously, in 2014, I produced, mixed and published CD album "Duct Tape Rose" by legendary Fontaine.

In 2015, I published a retro science fiction novel "Northern Guard" which deals with themes of freedom, violence, and ideologies.

Around 2010, I got seriously infected by "the Etruscan virus", Sanskrit and ancient mythologies. It quickly became my obsession. That resulted in two books: "Aryan Italy of the Etruscans" and "The Etruscans, Sanskrit, and Homer", both released in 2019.

Those who do not look for miracles will not find them.


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